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  • Using DTB technology the Detox Bag™ will reduce chemical residues that remain on both surface and the inner part of vegetables and fruit.

  • Photocatalyst decomposing process on the inner side of the Detox Bag™ will reduce the chemical intoxication to the human body.

  • Color Printing on the Detox Bag™ is in accordance to European ROHS standard.

  • Safety - The Detox Bag™ is made of PP (polypropylene) material.

  • Effectiveness - Detox Bag™ utilizes unique light spectrum to penetrate fruit or vegetables releasing the toxic pollutant into the atmosphere.

  • Economy - Unlike other technologies the Detox Bag™ utilizes natural light, whether indoor or outdoor.

  • Convenience - Detox Bag™ will reduce the pesticide residual naturally under any lighting conditions.Take your Detox Bag™ shopping, place your fruit or vegetables into the Detox Bag™. After 3 hours remove the fruit and vegetables from the Detox Bag™ wash and enjoy The Real Taste™.

The Detox Bag

Why has the need for the Detox Bag™ become so apparent?

Are we at risk of over-exposure to pesticides? Can chemically grown produce pose a long-term threat to our health? These are the questions being raised after a recent Choice magazine investigation into commercially grown strawberries which found pesticide residue in nearly all berries tested.

Strawberries sampled were purchased from independent fruit shops and two major supermarkets. Four organic samples were all clear of pesticide residues excepting one which had traces of a fungicide (possibly attracted via spray drift from other farms). The pesticide levels in three of the chemically grown samples were in excess of the maximum residue limit (MRL) or contained pesticides not permitted for use on strawberries (such as endosulphan). More than one pesticide was found in seventeen of the samples with four samples having a cocktail of up to four different pesticide residues, although below their individual MRLs.

Most vegetables and fruits are given fertilizers and chemical sprays, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides to protect them from fungus and weeds before and during the growing process.

Even though each country has its own regulatory authority and set their standards accordingly for the use of pesticides, we cannot be sure we are protected by this pesticide residue that ends up on the inside and outside of our fruit and vegetables.

Fruit and vegetables produced from some developing countries do not have any legal restriction on levels of pesticides and bacteria. Therefore the risk of maximum pesticide residue levels and for pathogens like the potential fatal E.Coli which comes from human and animal waste is a major concern for our families today.

Children's food is one of the major drivers in the growing demand for healthier options. Sue Dengate, founder of the Food Intolerance Network states that "the organic standard eliminates 50 additives which have been associated with children's behavioral problems originating from foods. Theoretically, if organic standards were adopted as mandatory tomorrow, all the current troubles we're experiencing from preservatives and additives would vanish." She says it is essential there is more commitment to getting rid of foods with 'added nasties' by retailers in Australia.

At a time when unfortunately, not everybody can afford to adopt a completely organic diet, there clearly needs to be other choices available for Australian families. With food allergies on the rise, it makes the job of grocery shopping for parents even more complicated.

Therefore the Detox Bag™ is a very much needed solution for parents today, providing them the peace of mind, convenience and the organic without the expense. Enjoy your fruit and vegetables again with the assurance of reduction of all pesticides up to 90%.

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